PRSP-S700 High Quality Syringe Pump

PRSP-S700 High Quality Electric Syringe Pump


product description

PRSP-S700 High Quality Syringe Pump

Advanced Features:

* 4.3inch Colorful TFT Touch Screen

* Automatic self-identification of 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml and 50ml/60ml syringes

* Compatible with almost all brands of syringes

* 7 Injection Modes: ml/h mode, Weight mode, TIVA mode, Loading-dose mode, Ramp up/down mode, Sequence mode, etc

* KVO & Bolus function

* Real time display, Visible and audible Alarms

* Rechargeable Lithium Battery can work continuously for over 5 hours 

* Autosave 2000 syringe records

* Accurate control ensure smooth flow: 0.01ml/h increment ensure infusion accurate to high risk drug transfusion.

* Auto-calculation makes parameter setting easier: auto-conversion between time and rate, auto-calculation of drug concentration and 40 different types of dose unit selectable.

* Long battery life ensure continuous infusion: Refined system design ensure battery life can support more than 12 hours.

* Water-proof Design: Water-proof class up to IP 24, 360°  splash-proof

* DERS guarantee medication safety: Dose Error Recovery System guarantee medication safety.

* Reliable IrDA transmission: Transmit Data via IrDA to avoid external distrurbance.

* One key import treatment prescription: Memorize latest treatment prescriptions can start infusion fast without any parameter setting.

* Color Touch Screen Makes Operation more Friendly: 4.3inch Color Touch Screen, which is biggest in the world, makes operation easier and simpler. Big color screen display enable to read information at distance.